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The shirt plays an important role in dressing up, if you are a gentlemen. Think of it as a defense, like a bullet vest. It’s the first thing that you wouldn’t want to miss when going on a battle. When buttoning it up, you should feel your confidence surging, your invincibility can’t be thwarted, and your fully in control. Seriously, wearing a crisp, clean shirt that suits you perfectly makes you feel like you are the boss, you are in charge, of everything. But the thing is: any old shirt is not a dress shirt – there are things to consider when your shirt is really a shirt, pun intended. Details should be get right, from the collar to the cuffs and to the torso. That said, prizing yourself a shirt isn’t as hard as trigonometry because here, we will be sorting that out, obviously.

The Collar

Here in Cebu, most of us guys (including me but that was ages ago) buy our shirts, not just shirts but our whole garments, categorized in small, medium, or large. And at the end, we get to complain of not fitting it in. You should check your measurements. Rule of thumb for collar measurement, two fingers should be able to fit into the shirt without cutting your neck. More fingers means too loose, and fewer than that will choke you to death. There are also types of collars but we won’t be talking about that here.

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The sleeves should not eat up your upper limbs that is too tight as to show the very details of your arms nor they flap that’ll make you a clown. Motion and airflow should be flawless and allowable, but not excessively. The cuffs should end where your wrist and palm is connected, an inch beyond the wrist bone. The looseness of which should allow the air freely flow. When you bend your arm, your cuff should not move up more than an inch in your wrist.

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The seams of the shirt should meet the corner of your shoulder bones, the point in your shoulder which is the farthest from your chest center. When moving, the armholes should be comfortable – it should not be so tight as to they cut into your underarm but also avoid extra space. Easy to check this is to tuck in your shirt into your pants and raise your arms 45 degrees, if your shirt is lifted out in your pants by more than an inch, the armholes are too low.

Shoulder Fashion Friday   The Shirt


You should take note that the torso is slim where your shirt  does not give more than 3-4 inches of the shirts when pulling the shirt easily away from your chest or abdomen. But, the shirt should permit an ease of motion, which skin-tight shirts are on the block list.

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That’s all that will do for today, so stay tune for the next Fashion Friday article!


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